Brazilian Kaviar Amature 07 DVD (Item: 81)




You are invited to watch a training session between Mistress Suzana and her slave Diana.Mistress Suzana first makes Diana lick her tits, and then stimulate her nipples. Suzanathen makes Diana lick the long spikes of her high heel shoes. Suzana then stands overDiana's head and tramples Dinana with her heels. Suzana then lights a candle, and pourshot wax onto Diana's chest. Suzana then backs her ass to Diana's face, and Diana tongueout Suzana's asshole. Laying on her back, Suzana lifts a leg and makes Diana lick hersmall pink hole. Suzana lays Diana on the floor, and pisses in her mouth. She then turnsaround and takes a wet brown shit on her chest. With her bare foot, Suzana smears the shitall over Diana's chest. In the next scene, Mistress Suzana and slave Diana are joined byslave Karla. Karla spends some time licking out Suzana's pussy. Suzana stands over Karla's head,and drops a huge load of piss into Karla's face. Suzana then sits down on Karla's face and makesher eat her pussy. Diana then bends over a rock, while Karla proceeds to lick Diana's ass.Suzanna makes Diana get on all fours, and then shit right into Karla's mouth. Holding the shitin her mouth, Karla take some of it, and rubs it all over Diana's petite nipples and chest.They then kiss, sharing the mouthful of shit. Mistress Suzana then backs her ass to Karla's mouth,and shits into Karla's already shit filled mouth. Suzana then takes some of the shit, and rubs iton her own tits and chest. Disgusted with Karla, she pukes several times right into Karla's mouth!Exceptional quality - very disgusting!

Rating: XXX
Length: (approx) 60 minutes
Regional Code: none